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~ Size: 46 cm(L) x 30 cm(W) x 45 cm(H)
~ Weight: 17.5 kg
~ Distillate capacity: 30 liters in 24 hours
~ Storing tank: 24L (Room Temperature)
~ Storing tank: 4L (Hot)
~ Heating element: 1000 watt, 110V/240V AC
~ Gross Weight: 19 kg
~ Packing Dimension:
57.0cm (L) x 37.5cm (W) x 59.0cm (H)


1. Recommend for: Home 8 people ; Office 15 people

2. Connected to your raw water faucet.

3. High grade stainless storing tank

4. Distilled water sensor

5. Residue discharge valve

6. Fully stainless steel

7. Fully automatic model. Automatic stop when distilled water storing tank is full and start to run automatically when the distilled water level drops.

8. Using air cool technology.

9. Hot and cold distilled water

10. Using electronic circuit board to control the flow of raw water inlet, boiling process in boiling chamber and control of water level in distilled water storing tank.

Model: THC-600

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Distillation offers absolute peace of mind! Consistently produces the highest quality drinking water available, something that no other process can honestly claim
Model: THC600 is a double storing tank with hot distilled chamber and another storing chamber for distilled water at ambient temperature. Storing tank size is 24 lits and another is 4 lits.
It is a luxury distiller for the upper class buyer who want a more complete water quality distillation system. Automatic fill and Automatic shut off.